The Club

A Rich History and a Strong Future

In 1903, three men interested in fishing and the outdoor life leased a 38-acre plot of woodland 3 miles southwest of the City of Decatur on the old Meridian Trail. On Thanksgiving Day underbrush was cleared away from what was to become the first basin of the spring-fed 9-acre lake.

In 1904, The Decatur Fishing Club was incorporated. The lake front proved to be an attractive area in which to to set up residence. Today the 55-home community on the east boundary of the Club’s property is a serene residential area. Today the lake is a landmark at the entrance to South Side.

Over the next few years, many of the fishermen became interested in the game of golf, and in 1924 the first nine holes of the golf course were built. At this time, the name of the club was changed from The Decatur Fishing Club to South Side Country Club.

Almost 100 years later South Side Country Club remains an excellent and challenging golf experience, a place where vital friendships develop and grow, and an important part of the Decatur community.